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CII Intelligence Services
EEXI Consultancy
CII Intelligence Services

We guide you in achieving environment compliance and manage CO2 targets.

“Carbon Intensity Indicator” (CII) will become mandatory from the year 2023. Accordingly, the vessels will be classified into five different efficiency classes (A-E) and thereby the associated CO2 reduction targets will even become more stringent from year to year. Your ship may be complying initially but may drop to lower class latter. Hence you need to have your strategy in place to ensure future compliances & be competitive.


Real time Data & Intelligent ship Performance analytics:

Our system developed for Performance monitoring which provides you real time calculations of not only CII but also real time carbon generated between a period.

By doing this you know where you stand and what measures you need to take. Pl read ship performance analytics for details.


Soft starter to VFD conversion:

Many of the clients are working on changing the fixed drive pumps to VFD to save on fuel consumptions and reduce CII values. We provide end to end solution

 VFD calculations for Carbon saving & Return on investments.

  VFD design & Class approval

 VFD Supply & Installation

  PLC system design for  automatic operation of VFD

No need to go to big brands & hefty prices while we provide you entire system from reputed VFD makers & our PLC based system from makers like Siemens, Schneider etc

On demand we can provide you customized real time displays.


Engine power limitations:

It will require a control unit for calculating and limiting the power transmitted by the shaft to the ship’s propellers, as well as sensors for measuring torque and rotational speed and a data recording and processing device.

Whereas for modern engines have electronic control and the means of limiting such equipment (or accessing the power reserve) is via a fuel index limiter linked to a password, which can electronically lock the fuel index or directly limit power in the engine’s control system. On the other hand, a mechanically controlled engine will be restricted with a sealing device that can physically lock the fuel index, using a mechanical stop screw sealed by wire or an equivalent device with a governor limit setting.

EEXI Consultancy

We are offering below scope of work in EEXI/EEDI compliance.

Calculate attained EEXI and Required EEXI for the existing ship.

If the attained EEXI is less than or equal to the Required EEXI then apply for IEEC certification to the class.

If the attained EEXI is more than the Required EEXI then we will suggest appropriate improvement measures.

Engine Power Limitations: Study on Engine Power Limitation or Shaft Power Limitation

Estimation of speed loss and improvement in EEXI value based on Engine power limitation.

Study on the EEXI improvement due to fuel change to LNG.

Study on increase in deadweight for EEXI compliance.

Analysis on the use and type of Energy Efficiency Device on the given vessel.

Prepare the EEXI Technical File

CFD analysis of hull without energy efficiency device

CFD analysis of hull with energy efficiency device fitted on the hull

EEXI Technical File (as per CFD analysis)

Case Study: Personal Experience on improving the performance of TSHD

One TSHD performance was improved from poor to very good with following process

  Vibration analysis

  Model building & testing

  CFD analysis

  Propeller redesigning

  Fitting of 8 Fins on stern part of vessel to allow more water to propeller

Team has built extensive experience on Scrubbers & Ballast water treatment (BWT) services

Team Experience

  Commissioning in Shipyard or during sailing & Aftersales services: 100+

  Remote Support aftersales services: 125+ and counting.

BWT & Scrubber Services

Our team has built extensive experience on Scrubbers & Ballast water treatment (BWT) services

Team Experience

  Commissioning in Shipyard or during sailing & Aftersales services: 100+

  Remote Support aftersales services: 125+ and counting.



 Entire control commissioning in shipyard or during sailing including electrical cable laying, termination, loop testing, VFD installation & setting.

  Presenting to commissioning Engineers for other OEM or do it ourself where we are directly involved with OEM.

  Class surveys- Either by physical presence or Remote survey with class via web application.

After sales service

  Servicing of complete CEMS, Wash Water monitoring systems of various makes like Norske Analyse, SICK, Green instruments, Chelsea Technologies to name few.

  Repair of BWT & Scrubber PCBs, PLCs in our service Lab.

  Supply o f scrubber calibration gas “ShipCalGas”

  Remote support by our remote service platform

Calibration Services

  We not only carry out overhaul of CEMs but also calibration of CEMs. Each CEMs has different working range and it is necessary to know the operating range for correct usage of the calibration gas.

  Entire system sensors, pressure gauges, temp gauges needs annual calibration which can be done either by physical presence or Remotely with our UGteck™ platform.