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A. Refurbishing Equipments

All the aftermarket equipments originate from ship breaking yard mostly from Alang(India) or Chittagoan(Bangladesh).  You cannot test 2nd hand  equipments once vessel has beached. So don’t be fooled by aftermarket vendor’s words that equipments offered are tested one. These can only be tested in service Labs with specialised equipments for such testing.

We have taken first step toward organising the sector.

Refurbishing: We do the refurbishing of various Electronics components. The list is long and specific to components however please do ask.

To name few are ballast tank sensors, Tank Radar Sensors, Pneumatic Actuators, temp controllers,  OMD, ODME,

OWS, Fire alarm system, Gas monitoring systems, tank gauging systems, ballast tank sensors, Cargo tank radar system, etc for all popular makes onboard.

Predefined overhauling procedure: We have predefined procedures for overhaul of each piece of equipment along with the testing protocol.  We would be happy to share the overhaul & test procedures for each piece of equipment.

Digital Certificate: We provide digital refurbishing certificates where applicable along with Web service reports generated from our system, so you are assured what you are purchasing.

Reverse Engineering: Our expert team also does reverse Engineering on many components which are not available and demanded by Technical Managers.

Refurbishing management systems approval:  Our Refurbishing management systems are approved by DNV.