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Setting new standards in calibration excellence


The UTI requires annual calibrations and servicing ashore which is headache for any shipping company due to the cost involved in landing ashore.


The service company may not be realistic in conveying the actual problem and tend to replace the expensive components. Additionally, most of the companies are just checking sensor operation and issue calibration certificate without the actual calibration which is an eyewash. These are delicate equipment’s and must be serviced & calibrated properly.


Do you realize the Revenue losses per deg of Error in Cargo temperature? Here is one such Cargo calculation

Cargo Price $513.5 per MT Density correction factor: 0.0006/Deg
Density at 25deg C= 0.9155
Tank No Observed Ullage(m) Corrected Ullage(m) Temp(deg) Observed Volume (m3) density at Observed Temp Weight (MT)
1P 1.5 1.5 31 2103.5 0.9119 4207
1S 1.4 1.4 32 2154.6 0.9113 4309.2
2P 1.6 1.6 32 2405.3 0.9113 4810.6
2S 1.7 1.7 31 2312.2 0.9119 4624.4
3P 1.8 1.8 35 2587.3 0.9101 5174.6
3S 1.5 1.5 34 2654.4 0.9095 5308.8
4P 1.5 1.5 31 2103.5 0.9119 4207
4S 1.4 1.4 32 2154.6 0.9113 4309.2
5P 1.6 1.6 32 2405.3 0.9113 4810.6
5S 1.7 1.7 31 2312.2 0.9119 4624.4
6P 1.8 1.8 35 2587.3 0.9101 5174.6
6S 1.5 1.5 34 2654.4 0.9095 5308.8
Total Cargo (mt) 56869
Loss of Cargo for 1 deg Error (MT) 34 MT
Loss in Revenue for 1 Deg Error of cargo temperature $ 17,521
Hence do not compromise on the Quality of testing and adopt only standard testing & Calibration labs.
UTI is not just serviced in our service labs but tested in our state-of-the-art testing bench facility. This validates the readings recorded by the UTI tapes. The test report is automatically printed from the system. The subsequent digital certificate ate is issued from our Field service software UGteck™ with a unique certificate ID and is available for owners to download anytime.

While few companies across Globe have come up with solutions for onboard maintenance of UTI however the catch is that in the process they not only sell you the completely new tape inside the so-called calibration Kit which comprise of new sensor and new tape along with but also carry out replacement every 2 years.
In the end, it is a very expensive proposition when you can still buy the spares where you get the best pricing.


At the heart of our strategy is the concept of do-it-yourself (DIY) which means the ship has to service & Calibration the tapes themselves with the assistance of our remote assistance tools & validated by us in the system.

Our Field service collaboration software UGteck™ with Remote calibration process which allow the ship staff to do the calibration & each step is guided by the software and validated by us remotely.

With the Knowledge base available thru our program, the crew knows exactly how to handle the calibration and each stage is recorded in the system. Our expert is available at another end to guide if needed.

The spares are managed by yourself as part of your inventory.

Our remote calibration system as part of our management system is audited by DNV.

Tapes which pass thru our service will come under the service agreement and get registered and monitored in our Support Program.

We maintain stock of reconditioned tapes if you need to purchase, fully tested, and certified at standard pricelist.